Hi, there traveler!

Looks like you are seeking some more information about us. We are happy to provide you with all that you seek! Let’s start making some great memories!

We are a tourist agency, but that one is obvious. If you do a bit more research you might find that we are a very young and new company. That is only partially true. Our main base is in Croatia and recently we have opened an office in London, UK.


We simply want to share and provide the best experiences for our customers. We wanted to come closer to our English speaking customers so here we are. Ready to make great new memories with each and every single one of you. That is also our main thought. If you ask yourself what makes you who you are? One of the most common answers will be – your memories. That is why we are aiming to make your travels with us an unforgettable experience.


To immediately address this topic as you have maybe already noticed that most of our tours are connected to the beautiful country on the Adriatic coast called – CROATIA!

Why is that, you ask?

Well, we are Croatians and you know how they say „Write what you know“? We are simply doing what we know best, and that is, of course, our home country.

We do, however, have our offices in London since this makes it more convenient and accessible to our UK customers, as well as for our English-speaking customers.

However, in our homeland, we did start off as a tourist agency that was offering to our home market travels and group programmes to many world countries. And we still do! That did not make us just well traveled but we could say we have mastered distinguishing the needs of our customers.

This is also why you will find not only unique travels to Croatia but also some unique programmes to more exotic places (i.e. far east Asia).


Most of it, yes! Our team has put in a tremendous amount of effort into organizing unique programmes for you to try out and enjoy. However, some of the itineraries are also carefully chosen from some of our partner here in Croatia. Don’t worry, our team has handpicked each and every single one of them to fit into our business idea – making unique experiences and memories for our travelers.


Yup! We have our members club where you can collect points by simply purchasing any of our travel programmes. And, since you put in an effort to read all of this, here is a way you can send us to get your first 100 points without spending any money! All you have to do is send us an email saying „Let’s go Travelana!“ alongside with you first and last name.
You can read all about our membership club HERE!