Travel with us and collect points

Recommend us to your friends and get even more points

Exchange points for free trips or get discounts on our travel packages


What is Travelana Members Club?

As a little something for our most loyal customers, for every 10 GBP you spend in Travelana we reward you with 1 point, so every purchase with us is redeemable and every next trip with us will be discounted! After a while you will collect enough points which you will be able to redeem for a free trip somewhere around the world! Recommend us to more people and get even more points on your Travelana Members Club account.

How to collect points?

It’s simple! The only thing you have to do is travel with us. Just send us your name and surname, date of birth, and email to and we will enroll you into our membership program after your first trip with us.

How many points do my Travelana trips get me?

For every 10 GBP you spend with us, you get rewarded with 1 point. For example for a 500 GBP trip you get 500 points. Every travel package will state how many points you get before booking.

On some trips you will be able to get more points than you actually spent booking the trip.

How much are my points worth?

Every 100 points you earn will give you 1 GBP on your Travelana Members club account.

How do I check how many points I have?

After every trip you book we send you a confirmation letter which states the amount of points you can get when booking that trip. We keep record of your points for you and you can contacts us anytime at and find out your point status.

Can you share the points with other passengers?

The person who booked and payed for the trip gets the points, but it can be arranged for the points to be split between other passengers in the same booking.

When do my points expire?

They never do! They can be spent anytime and exist on your account until used.

How do I get points when I recommend Travelana to a friend?

Whilst booking your trip, it’s important to state the name of the friend that recommended Travelana to you. He has to have at least one trip booked with Travelana. You will get the full amount of points and your friend will get 20% of the points. For example, if you book a trip for 500 GBP you will get 50 points and he gets 10. You can also call us and ask for your points to be added in case of a recommendation.

When can I start using the points?

When you have a minimum of  5000 Travelana Club points, its possible to exchange the points for cash. Also, you can exchange the points for a free trip.

Travelana Members Club Rulebook

Participation and collection of prize points
Travelana Members Club is open to all travellers who have paid for any of our travel packages. Participation in the program is free and voluntary.
The purpose of the Members Club is to collect the prize points that the traveler can redeem for a free trip by his own choice and if they have sufficient funds on hers or his Travelana account.
The only condition is that the trip is posted on

Reward points apply only when booking a trip.

The exact number of points to be awarded is calculated according to the following principle: 1 GBP spent in the 1st prize pool. 100 prize points means 1 GBP on your Travelana account. When you send an endorsement letter / voucher that travelers receive right before each trip, you will be told how many prize points have been won. The specified confirmation e-mail at the same time is the confirmation of the number of points earned after the booking and payment of the trip.
The travel status of each of you is handled by Travelana Club Travelers. The prize points are related to the name and surname of the passenger and his email address by which the reservation is made. Guarantee of the point score is Travelana’s final letter.
Each User can at any time gain access to the current status of the total points earned by sending an email to Each user can independently keep track of the points earned, based on the funds paid on Travelana’s account or in accordance with the number of points expressed in the final letter / voucher received by passengers immediately before each trip.
The award points awarded by Travelana are the basis for the award or prize-giving, while the point records that the users independently keep exclusively for their own records and information can not be the basis for winning a prize-winning journey.
Collected points can be used exclusively for payment of the arrangement if the traveler has enough points for the desired arrangement. It is possible to use a certain amount of points for the partial payment of the arrangement published on Travelan’s website with an additional fee for the entire arrangement.
Reward points can be used exclusively to cover the basic price of the arrangement. Liabilities and fees such as ports or airfares, optional excursions, optional extras and any other additional costs, such as personal travel expenses are not covered by the Traveler Club and can not be covered by prize points.
The maximum number of points that can be won when one package is paid is not limited. If one person pays for 20 persons, all points will be credited to him unless otherwise requested.
Reward points are not transferable and must be used for the journey on which the traveler is the person who is the owner of the points according to the records. Points can also be used for free travel by other passengers, but only if the owner of the points is one of the passengers on the same trip.
Reward points can not be exchanged for money or other forms of rewards, and can be replaced only for journeys published on Travelanan’s website.
Once used points can not be reused. In case a passenger is unable to travel on a trip he booked by using enough number of points collected, it is not possible to cancel the trip and re-use the same points for booking another trip.